Wireless Communication

High Bandwidth Communication

Most of Solar Security’s projects include wireless networks. Designed and installed properly, your site will be extremely reliable, save money compared to trenching and pulling cables, and enable expansion for new sensor technologies.

Solar Security understands the limitations and how to design accordingly – in real-world environments. Bit rates, bandwidth, device counts, distance, weather, terrain, and more factors will alter the system’s performance and limitations.

Value added over other facilities without Wireless:

  • O&M assistance with voice calls, video calls, wireless
  • Internet coverage across the site
  • CCTV and access control
  • Robot mowers
  • Gunshot detectors
  • Weather stations
  • Devices yet to be invented

Things to consider:

• Wireless communication is a focus of Solar Security

• Wireless communication system eliminates trenching and can be immune to service and power outages

• Future-proof your site: 2.5Gbps speed, add sensors and robotics to existing sites

• Cyber secure with Trust Anchor, Proprietary Overlay Encryption, VLAN capability, and AES & WPA encryption

Mesh Backhaul

A wireless mesh backhaul network is a simple, secure, low latency, encrypted solution and is built to be reliable. It is not WiFi, has a very long range in all weather, and utilizes proprietary communication to assure reliable connection even in busy wireless networks.

Future-proof your site with 2.5Gbps speed, the ability to add wireless sensors, moving access points like mowers or forklifts, robotics, and other critical components to your wireless network. Add the capability to accept technologies not apparent or invented yet.

Solar Security has designed, installed, and commissioned successful wireless communication across some of the largest facilities in the United States. Place the devices where they are needed, and enable future technology growth in your facility.

Recommended for facilities that are only looking for sections of it to become wireless, require fiber-like speed and latency, and overall desiring a smaller infrastructure footprint compared to PLTE.

Private Broadband (PLTE)

Encrypted on both ends, this newly available frequency was recently released to the commercial sector.  A robust, super-fast wireless network that is less expensive to install than fiber and simpler to maintain and repair. PLTE does require slightly more infrastructure build-out than Mesh Backhaul, but it is designed to handle entire site networks with high numbers of devices at fiber-like speed with incredible low latency.

This network design allows for power stations and grids to become “smart”. As such we’ve seen many devices being added to facilities on the edge, at the source, and with O&M teams. When PLTE came to market a few years ago, there were estimates of the number of smart devices utilities would add to their grid over 10 years. Those numbers are being hit in just a few years.

Allocate your IT teams where they are needed most. Our PLTE systems are updated automatically in the cloud to ensure the latest patches, compliance with the FCC, and firmware updates.

Recommended for entire site wireless networks that have a very high number of wireless devices, require fiber-like speed and latency, and can support towers and infrastructure at the head-end compared to Mesh Backhaul.

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