Radiometric Alarm

Solar Security offers two solutions for radiometric alarming at your facility. Both use the same components and software. The ship-to-site “RASS” is a pre-integrated system developed by Solar Security that can be installed by an unskilled worker in a few hours. The All-Inclusive version is for larger facilities that would benefit from a higher number of cameras, communication and power installation, or Solar Security’s onsite installation service.

These are dual-purpose Life Safety and Security solutions that pull double duty in detecting theft and alerting personnel of fire and temperature dangers. Get immediate notifications to your SOC or Fire Department in the event of a temperature issue, and get clear visual confirmation of the event.

In addition to these alerts, Solar Security’s system will automatically shut off the customer’s devices to help prevent damage. An added unique benefit is the ability to restart the devices if it is determined everything is ok. This avoids downtime and unnecessary trips to the facility.

With AI at its core, Solar Security’s radiometric alarms are a new generation of the traditional thermal alarming camera solutions. These systems can be used anywhere temperature monitoring is critical: waste management, power plants, BESS systems, and food preparation facilities.

Additionally, this surveillance system gives your team eyes onsite 24/7/365 and runs advanced intrusion analytics to detect break-ins and monitor technicians.

Weather Toughened

An environmentally enclosed system with internal heating and cooling allows the RASS systems to work nonstop in all weather from -30F to 130F, even in direct sunlight.

Temperature Alarms

When temperature alarms do occur, the RASS will turn off the device in question to help prevent equipment damage. Additionally, the equipment can be restarted remotely to avoid any onsite visits.

Audio & Visual Deterrence

The RASS has a built in flashing lights and speaker to warn of the safety hazard, and can be integrated with Fire Departments and fire alarm systems.

Easy Install

The Ship-To-Site RASS is pre-integrated when it arrives and makes installation and setup a breeze. The full installation from unpacking to completed testing typically takes only a few hours.


The RASS systems are viewable in one interface with your other systems around the world. Instantly see all devices and cameras, power cycle your equipment, monitor workers, and add/remove login privileges for each site.


The Radiometric Alarming system a dual purpose Life Safety and Security system. It and can be used anywhere temperature monitoring is critical, provides a visual confirmation of events, and runs security analytics.

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