Plug N Play

Plug N Play systems are a powerful and simple surveillance solution with built-in audio and visible deterrents.

For over a decade, Solar Security has been shipping pre-integrated surveillance systems to commercial facilities, solar power plants, and construction yards. In 2023 the popular Plug N Play was updated with state-of-the-art cameras, AI analytics, scalability, and longer warranties.

Pre-integrated before being shipped, the Plug N Play can be installed in most applications in three hours and will provide 4MP or up to 8MP video day and night.

Recommended for locations requiring permanent or temporary surveillance such as: power plants, construction yards, storage areas, and remote offices.

Built to Last

Utilizing industry-proven components made in the USA, the Plug N Play is built to last and withstand the harshest environments for years to come (equipment warranties can reach 10 years).


Plug N Play systems are sized with solar power to not shut off and operate year round 24/7/365 without issues. They can be left installed in one site indefinitely or moved from job to job for long-term use.

Easy Install

Pre-integrated when it arrives onsite to make installation and setup a breeze. No technicians or service fees required for installation. The full installation from unpacking to completed testing typically takes only three hours.


The Plug N Play systems are viewable in one interface with your other systems around the world. Instantly see all devices and cameras, monitor workers, and add/remove login privileges for each site.

High Resolution

With 4MP and 8MP camera options, you will record useful, high quality video day and night.

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