Off-Grid Solar Power

Power Anywhere.

All the time.

Trenching along areas with cables, pipes or roads is expensive and risky. By handing off the power generation scope to Solar Security, your team saves time, money, and headaches. Additionally, these off-grid systems are robust and sized to never shut off for the zip code they are installed.

Solar Security has off-grid solar power systems running for over 10 years without any service calls or parts replaced. Sizing an off-grid solar-powered system requires the coordination of all components used: batteries, panels, charge controllers, power loads, and location.

Designed properly, your components will be more reliable than grid-tied and save money in upfront costs compared to trenching and pulling cables.

Things to consider:

• Off-grid power is a focus of Solar Security

• An off-grid system eliminates trenching

• Creates an indefinite UPS runtime

• Save money from trenching, pulling wire

• Solar power will last decades

• Proper design eliminates servicing & issues

Built to Last

Wide temperature rated components, designed to handle all environmental conditions, passive air filtration to keep insects and dust out, and stronger than recommended bolts and straps to handle high wind speeds and gusts. Trust that your equipment will stay on in rain, snow, sub-zero temperatures, or extreme desert heat.

Designed Properly

Each Solar Security off-grid power system is sized for the exact location and power draw throughout the year. There are many options online that advertise a certain solar power system for a certain wattage load, but they are likely not accounting for important factors. That is why our systems stay on for 10+ years without service or issue – and are still cost effective.

Long Term UPS

Many facilities request an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) runtime of several hours. With an off-grid solar power system, your site essentially has an indefinite-runtime UPS. Make your site immune from equipment failures, and servicing outage.

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