CMOSS (Container Mounted Surveillance System) is a patent pending high-performance surveillance system quickly installed atop a standard shipping container. Constructed with galvanized steel and construction-grade aluminum, CMOSS locks atop the shipping container without any holes or penetration.

With state-of-the-art analytics driven by AI, cloud computing, and industry leading components, CMOSS will provide your team with a useful tool to secure important areas, monitor employees, analyze logistics, and deter theft.


Place your security system right at the critical location – atop the storage units. Deter theft with an imposing presence, alert operators of activity, 24MP video and analytics, and gunshot detection.


The CMOSS and Plug N Play systems are viewable in one interface with your other systems around the world. Instantly see all devices and cameras, monitor workers, and add/remove login privileges for each site.


CMOSS systems are sized with solar power to not shut off and operate year round 24/7/365 without issues. They can be left installed in one site indefinitely or moved from job to job for long-term use.

Easy Install

The CMOSS is built to withstand the elements for years of use. No technicians or service fees required for installation. Your team can attach CMOSS with a standard front loader and activated in a few hours.

High Resolution

With 8MP cameras, you will record useful, high quality video day and night.

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