Design, Installation,
and Commissioning

Permanent surveillance is the backbone of an effective security solution. System designs are based upon our expertise in outdoor, extreme weather surveillance applications. All electronics and components are designed for continuous use in a demanding environment and to be trouble-free for the end user. Solar Security has extensive experience in implementing custom designs from small commercial operations to vast desert landscapes.

Utilizing advanced cameras, access control, radar, alarms, software analytics, and hardened components in the field, Solar Security provides some of the most sophisticated surveillance solutions for long-distance and no-light conditions. Our certifications and training ensure a security solution that is hassle-free, reliable, and effective.

Things to consider:

• Complete facility coverage

• Protection against liability lawsuits

• High-resolution cameras

• Ruggedized access control systems

• Deterrence to thieves and vandals

• Ease of use and scalability

• Gunshot detection and audio deterrents

• Trench-less solutions

Enterprise-Grade Ecosystem

Solar Security uses only enterprise-grade video management software developed and supported by the most reputable manufacturers. We integrate access control, burglar alarms, cameras, radar, gunshot detection, and SCADA sensors. Focus on what matters most with a user interface that is intuitive and scalable with all of your sites on a single screen. 

AI-powered analytics:

  • Watch all devices, all the time
  • Proactively monitors not just for intrusion events, but look for anomalies through its learning capability
  • Enable you to react faster to events
  • Quickly searches your systems in real-time

Be future-ready with automated updates, instant over-the-air enhancements, and mobile phone apps. We also offer Cloud-based and On-Premise software options to fit your site and goals. Rest assured you are cyber-secure: ISO 27001 certified, GDPR Compliant, SAFETY Act Designation, SOC 2 Type II Certified, NDAA Compliant, FIPS 140-2 Support.

Thermal Spectrum Security Cameras

Secure sites that have poor visibility with long-range perimeter protection using thermal security cameras. Detect people and vehicles in complete darkness, smoke, mist, foliage, and more with the camera’s powerful heat-sensing technology.

Keep people safe and prevent operational disruptions with optional radiometric capabilities to detect hot spots and overheating equipment. 

Thermal security cameras detect mid and long-wave IR wavelengths that emit heat. Unlike active IR “visible” spectrum cameras, thermal cameras are not dependent on light and have almost no distance limitation.

Visible Spectrum Security Cameras

Clear video day and night for shorter-distance applications. Powerful AI edge-based analytics to analyze scenes constantly and never miss an incident.

Onboard microphones to detect gunshots, 4K images for forensic quality capture, and optical zoom for the perfect scene.

Analytics help to quickly search entire facilities for specific vehicles, individuals, people wearing certain clothes, and license plates.

Create excellent video quality at night with active IR illuminators to different distances depending on the application.

Access Control and Alarm Systems

Control and track employee movement onsite. Powerful on-premise and cloud-based access control systems offer a solution that is flexible and scalable.

Integrate with the surveillance system ecosystem.

Burglar alarm systems for an additional layer of detection and alerting. Contact sensors on critical SCADA cabinets and enclosures.

Simplified and Reliable

Every part of the system will be designed with the goal of no service calls. This includes no “weak links” in design, minimizing total components, lifetime warranties when available, and proven installation practices.

Cost Effectiveness

Total cost of ownership is important to the owner and Solar Security. There are options with no recurring fees, and the off-grid options often times are less expensive than trenching and running cables. Solar Security is not a large corporate company and can be more nimble and direct with pricing.


See what is happening onsite anytime, anywhere. Manage service visits, check on employees, or diagnose an issue onsite without sending someone onsite. Remote  operations are a key feature many of our customers utilize on a regular basis.


Your sites will be viewable and managed offsite in one pane of glass with all your other sites. This can be on your smart phone, a web browser, or a free Windows software with unlimited users. Cyber security onsite and in the cloud is a top priority and proactively managed by our manufacturing partners.

Weather Toughened

All components; the poles. foundations, bolts and conduit Solar Security uses are designed to handle high winds, extreme cold and heat, and constant UV degradation. We have sites 7 years old without any service and every device is still working 24/7/365.

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