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Established in 2009, Solar Security is a family-run security integrator focused on remote, high-risk applications that provide the end user with reliable and accurate performance for many years to come.

Solutions include:

  • Complete security system design and installation
  • Off-grid power systems designed to never shut off
  • Wireless mesh networks that stream high bandwidth video across miles for years to come
  • Radiometric systems that help prevent thermal runaway events by powering off equipment and monitoring performance
  • Pre-integrated security systems including power and internet, that arrive onsite ready to be functional in just a few hours

Make watching live video obsolete. Stay aware with AI-powered analytics that learn what matters to your security and bring your attention to anomalies and threats so you can detect, verify, and act.

After protecting 7.7 gigawatts of power plants and 59,000 acres, Solar Security has proven to be the premier choice across North America.

All-Inclusive Solutions

Installation and turn-key designs to withstand harsh environments for many years to come. Based on extensive experience across North America, Solar Security offers a ground-up approach to design based on site requirements and goals. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point.

A new generation of security driven by AI, cloud computing, and industry-leading components. These systems from Solar Security can include security cameras, wireless networks, off-grid power, infrastructure build-out, access control, and alarm systems.

Off Grid Solar Power

Power anywhere, all the time.

Sizing an off-grid solar-powered system requires the coordination of all components used – batteries, panels, charge controllers, power loads, and location. These systems from Solar Security should never shut down and are considered more reliable than grid-tied.

Wireless Communication

Mesh Backhaul
Solar Security’s wireless networks are simple, long-range, triple encrypted, require almost no infrastructure, and can handle the data-intense loads from streaming cameras 24/7/365 in all weather.

Private Broadband (PLTE)
Future-proof your facility with PLTE. Encrypted on both ends, this newly available frequency was just released to the commercial sector in recent years. Recommended for entire site networks with a high quantity of devices requiring fiber-like speed and latency.


CMOSS (Container Mounted Surveillance System) is a version of the Plug N Play with solar power that is attached to the top of a shipping container. The CMOSS does not drill into the container or make penetrations, but can withstand severe wind speeds and gusts. No pole, no problem.

Radiometric Alarm

In addition to security performance, these surveillance systems continuously analyze the temperatures of objects and can shut off equipment and alert the customer and fire department upon a temperature alarm.

Solar Security also offers a pre-integrated Ship-to-Site version, the patent-pending RASS (Radiometric Alarm Surveillance System), that is quickly deployable in a matter of hours.

Plug N Play

For over a decade, Solar Security has been shipping pre-integrated surveillance systems to commercial facilities, power plants, and construction yards.

In 2023, the popular Plug N Play was updated with a new generation of technology, cloud capability, AI analytics, and longer warranties.

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