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Solar Security offers the end user a ground-up approach to design, and build the most extensive solutions or retrofits. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point. The staff at Solar Security does not over-sell the capabilities of the technology being implemented.  Technical and product life cycle support are available round the clock.

By staying true to our roots, Solar Security provides individual personal attention to every customer – ensuring the systems work properly, issues are addressed promptly, and the customer is always satisfied.

Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Scheduled Service
  • Technical Support
  • Monitoring

After protecting 7.7 gigawatts of power plants and 59,000 acres, Solar Security has proven to be the premier choice across North America.

Things to consider:

• Project goals

• System design

• Software capabilities

• Equipment reliability

• Real-world performance

• Threat analysis


Some sites installed by Solar Security have active monitoring in a triple redundant power and communications facility. Some sites opt to have alerts go directly to their operators or SOC. Different monitoring is available to fit the needs of each site.

Examples of such are:

  • Call-in to arm/disarm with code
  • 24/7/365 alert response
  • Immediate talk-down to suspicious activity
  • Virtual “Patrol” of PTZ cameras
  • Check in of system
  • Confirmation system is working properly

Scheduled Service

During scheduled maintenance service, Solar Security can perform software, computer, and physical maintenance. Several tasks will be done to ensure the system is working properly and report any issues to the customer. An inspection report will be provided to the customer upon completion.

Scheduled Maintenance Benefits:

  • Ensure reliable, functional security system
  • Avoid emergency service
  • Preferential scheduling
  • Discounted labor rates

Technical Support

All Solar Security solutions come with personal attention and technical support to ensure the system meets customer requirements and lasts. Hardware has been replaced within 24hrs of failure detection and back to full functional status. Our number one goal is to ensure a properly functioning system and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Solar Security can assist with existing security systems to trouble shoot, fix and commission in a functional manner. This covers anything from basic camera diagnosis to taking over a complex wireless network and re-configure to operational levels


Solar Security offers consulting and security analysis. There are many options in the market for security, you can trust Solar Security to stay updated with technologies and real-world performance – while considering the cost-benefit analysis.

Every Application is unique. However, there are standardization options that make the integration of cross-platform systems operational and cost-effective.

Areas for discussion can cover, but are not limited to:

  • Where to focus security
  • Managing the security infrastructure
  • Timeline for installation
  • Commissioning
  • Retrofits & upgrades to existing security
  • Compliance with local authorities
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Thermographic monitoring
  • Employee management
  • Recurring costs & upfront costs
  • Environmental concerns
  • Manufacturers
  • Advertised vs. real-world performance
  • Different types of security technologies.

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