Solar Power & Renewable Energy

Cost Effectively Securing Large Areas and Perimeters

Solar farms and wind farms can cover extensive areas in remote environments. This presents many opportunities for entry and vandalism and an accurate, cost effective security solution is vital to maintaining energy production.

Often installed on land with active wildlife, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures, the security solution must account for many factors for long lasting accuracy and reliability over the decades of use.

Things to consider:

• NERC Reliability Standard CIP-014

• Real-world accuracy of security

• Physical deterrent

• Remote operations assistance

• Total cost of ownership

• Ease of use & scalability

• Gunshot detection

• Audio deterrents

All-Inclusive Security

Installation and turn-key designs to withstand harsh environments for many years to come. Based on extensive experience across North America, Solar Security offers a ground-up approach to design based on site requirements and goals. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point.

A new generation of security driven by AI, cloud computing, and industry-leading components. These systems from Solar Security can include security cameras, wireless networks, off-grid power, infrastructure build-out, access control, and alarm systems.

Ship To Site Products

Solar Security also ships pre-integrated surveillance systems that are built and designed to never shut off for years, and be integrated into other systems for easy management.

Powerful and simple surveillance solutions with built-in audio and visible deterrents. The Plug N Play, RASS, and CMOSS can be installed in most applications in three hours.

Equipment warranties can reach 10 years for reliable long-term use.

Ask Solar Security for a weblink to view a demo system.

Wireless Communication

Mesh Backhaul – Solar Security’s wireless networks are simple, long-range, triple encrypted, require almost no infrastructure, and can handle the data intense loads from streaming cameras 24/7/365 in all weather.

Private Broadband (PLTE) – Future-proof your facility with PLTE. Encrypted on both ends, this newly available frequency was recently released to the commercial sector. Designed to handle entire site networks with high numbers of devices at fiber-like speed with incredibly low latency.


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