Watching Sites When Theft and Injuries are Most Likely to Happen

Theft and vandalism can be prominent during construction. Valuable materials and essential equipment are displayed during the day – tempting opportunistic thieves.

Onsite surveillance is an excellent deterrent and provides valuable evidence to recover stolen items, investigate injury claims, and can be left for permanent security after construction.

Additionally, these systems help monitor employee activity, deliveries, and daily operations.

Things to consider:

• Physical deterrent

• Remote operations assistance

• Ease of use and scalability

• Gunshot detection

• Audio deterrents

• Portability to other sites

• Option of a permanent security system

Plug N Play systems are a powerful and simple surveillance solution with built-in audio and visible deterrents.

For over a decade, Solar Security has been shipping pre-integrated surveillance systems to commercial facilities, solar power plants, and construction yards. In 2023 the popular Plug N Play was updated with state-of-the-art cameras, A.I. analytics, scalability, and longer warranties.

Pre-integrated before being shipped, the Plug N Play can be installed in most applications in three hours and will provide 4MP or up to 8MP video day and night.

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