Battery Storage & Thermal Alarming

Identify Thermal Runaway,
increase security, & protect your investment

Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) add revenue and capability to any power distribution and generation facility. Vandalism, runaway fires, and subcontractor management are daily challenges to these important facilities. Solar Security offers another layer to help your team produce a reliable and efficient BESS.

As experts in thermography cameras, intrusion analytics, and scalable design, Solar Security will provide the right solution. Our dual-purpose Life Safety and Security solutions pull double duty in detecting theft and alerting personnel of fire and temperature dangers. Get immediate notifications to your SOC or Fire Department in the event of a temperature issue, and get clear visual confirmation of the event.

In addition to these alerts, Solar Security’s system will automatically shut off the customer’s devices to help prevent damage. An added unique benefit is the ability to restart the devices if it is determined everything is ok. This avoids downtime and unnecessary trips to the facility.

With AI at its core, Solar Security’s radiometric alarms are a new generation of traditional thermal alarming camera solutions. These systems can be used anywhere temperature monitoring is critical: waste management, power plants, BESS systems, and food preparation facilities.

Things to consider:

• NERC Reliability Standard CIP-014

• Radiometric monitoring and alarming

• Automatic equipment shut-off

• Remote restart of customer equipment

• Physical deterrent

• Remote operations assistance

• Ease of use and scalability

• Gunshot detection

• Audio deterrents

RASS (Radiometric Alarm Surveillance System) is a patent pending multi-purpose high-performance surveillance system developed and produced by Solar Security, LLC. It continuously analyzes the temperature of objects and can shut off equipment and alert the customer upon a temperature change or reaching a predetermined threshold.

When temperature alarms do occur, the RASS will turn off the device in question to avoid equipment damage. Additionally, the equipment can be restarted remotely to avoid any service calls. The RASS has a built-in flashing red light and speaker and can be integrated with Fire Departments and fire alarm systems.

A pre-integrated shipped-to-site solution for smaller facilities.
System arrives onsite with cameras ready to be attached to pole, and be wired into customer devices for control or thermal runaway events.

Onsite installation done by customer or Solar Security.

Some BESS facilities require a simpler security solution where only a few cameras will be needed. Solar Security also ships pre-integrated surveillance systems that are built and designed to never shut off for years and can be left indefinitely or transported to another site for re-use.

A powerful and simple surveillance solution with built-in audio and visible deterrents. The Plug N Play can be installed in most applications in three hours. Ask Solar Security for a weblink to view a demo system.

Equipment warranties can reach 10 years for long term use.

All-Inclusive Security

Solar Security turnkey solution for larger BESS yards. Incorporating the same components in RASS and Plug N Play, but including onsite installation, commissioning, and large amount of cameras and components.

Make watching live video obsolete. 

AI-powered analytics provide solutions to challenges such as physical security threats, equipment malfunction, and compliance regulations. Operate more efficiently by bringing your attention to anomalies and threats so you can detect, verify, and act.

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