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Solar Security can provide services to any industry and market. Listed on these pages are a few verticals to help understand the capabilities and benefits of our solutions.

Solar Security will tailor a solution based upon our expertise in extreme applications and locations. We are more than contractors hired to install a line item. We are professionals who function as part of the team to get the job done.

Solar Power & Renewable Energy

Solar power plants and other energy production facilities can cover expansive areas in remote locations. This presents challenges to control entry, detect theft and vandalism, and manage daily O&M. An accurate, cost-effective security solution is vital to maintaining energy production.

Often installed on land with active wildlife, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures, the security solution must account for many factors for long lasting accuracy and reliability over the decades of use.
Notable challenges presented to the energy industry are physical security threats, equipment malfunction, and compliance regulations. As experts in thermography cameras, intrusion analytics and scalable design, Solar Security will provide the right solution.

BESS Radiometric

Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) add revenue and capability to power distribution and generation facilities. Vandalism, runaway fires, and subcontractor management are daily challenges to these important facilities. Solar Security offers another layer to help your team produce a reliable and efficient BESS.

Solar Security’s systems pull double duty in providing security and radiometric alarming. Get immediate notifications to your SOC or Fire Department in the event of a temperature issue, and get clear visual confirmation of the event.

In addition to these alerts, Solar Security’s system will automatically shut off the customer’s devices to help prevent damage. An added benefit is the ability to restart the devices over the camera software if everything is determined ok. This avoids downtime and unnecessary trips to the facility.

Traditional Energy

America’s power grid is large, complex, and extremely important. Notable challenges presented to Substations, and Oil and Gas Production are highly valuable and sensitive facilities. Disruption in production can cause blackouts, expensive repairs, and environmental concerns.  A reliable security solution addresses these issues and helps achieve compliance with regulations.


Theft and vandalism can be prominent during construction. Valuable materials and essential equipment are displayed during the day – tempting opportunistic thieves and workers. Onsite surveillance is an excellent deterrent and provides valuable evidence to recover the stolen items, investigate injury claims, and can be left for permanent security after construction. Additionally these systems help monitor employee activity, deliveries, and daily operations.


 Commercial facilities often require a combination of Access Control and Intrusion Detection. Integrating these systems, and others if needed, into one solution that is easy to use anywhere in the world is what Solar Security will reliably provide. Our experience and dedication to using only the highest quality components will ensure the successful commissioning of the surveillance system every time.

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