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Established in 2009, Solar Security is a family run security integrator focused on remote, high risk applications that provide the end user with reliable and accurate performance for many years to come.


Unique applications require unique thinking. Solar Security grew in the energy and remote applications markets because owners requested a better-performing and cost-efficient system. Nearly 8 gigawatts of power plants later, Solar Security has proven to be the premier choice across North America.


Solar Security’s systems have withstood tornados, extreme heat and cold, and vandalism across North America. All aspects of the system are designed and installed with the goal of no service calls.

Leading Manufacturers

Solar Security views it’s suppliers as partners. By choosing the best partners, your systems will be built with proven long lasting components and supported by teams constantly striving for performance advancement.


All of your Solar Security systems can be viewed in the same interface for quick response and management. The enterprise grade software can reside on premise or in the cloud.

Cyber Secure

Our systems use components and software that leave no question cyber security is continually a focus. This can include automatic firmware updates, hardened OS, manufacturers certified with ISO 27001, NDAA, and AICPA SOC2, and critical components made in the USA and Europe.

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Industries served

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Consistent, High-Quality Design & Installation

Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies across the U.S., Solar Security will tailor a solution based upon our expertise in extreme applications and locations. We are more than contractors hired to install a line item. We are professionals who function as part of the team to get the job done.

Security Solutions

All-Inclusive Systems

Design, Installation, and Commissioning

Based on extensive experience across North America, Solar Security offers a ground-up approach to design based on site requirements and goals. Ease of use and reliability are a focal point. The staff at Solar Security does not over-sell the capabilities of the technology being implemented.


A new generation of security driven by AI, cloud computing, and industry-leading components. These systems from Solar Security can include security cameras, wireless networks, off-grid power, infrastructure build-out, access control, and alarm systems.

Radiometric Alarming

In addition to security performance, these surveillance systems continuously analyze the temperatures of objects and can shut off equipment and alert the customer and fire department upon a temperature alarm.

Off-Grid Power and Communication

Solar Security’s off-grid power and wireless communications bypass normal physical limitations and hurdles. Properly designed solar power and batteries systems, and wireless communications are often times more reliable than grid-tied.

Ship-to-Site Products

Pre-integrated systems shipped to site for installation using basic tools in a few hours. Built to last for many years without issues.

A pre-integrated version of the Radiometric Alarm solution. RASS continuously analyzes temperatures of objects and can shut off equipment and alert the customer and fire department upon a temperature alarm.

A pre-integrated surveillance system running on AI analytics and off-grid power and communication designed to never shut off and last for many years. Can be left indefinitely onsite or moved from site to site as needed.

A version of the Plug N Play with solar power that is attached to the top of a shipping container. The CMOSS does not drill into the container or make penetrations, but can withstand severe wind speeds and gusts. No pole, no problem.


Here are a few examples of capabilities across our solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it–see for yourself.

What our clients say

As manager of a 156MW solar site we have a large area requiring  security coverage.  Solar Security is the top security company I have worked with, delivering quality installation and always available and willing to help with any support we may need. I would recommend them to anyone.


SOLV, Inc.

We are very pleased with the functionality and images. Every time we log in – no problems ever.


CD Arvin

We love the immediate response. Since Solar Security has taken over our existing sites we get instant calls from their monitoring center when the analytics are tripped. That did not happen in the past and our theft has now decreased.


Hanwha Q Cells

Department of Defense Findings: (DOD/Navy CFIUS) Visited the (redacted) site. Inspector provided an oral report of his observations to the Security Officer. These observations included: “Compared to other solar sites in the area, this facility “raises the bar” on security standards.”


United States Department of Defense